Tuesday May 30


At 9.00am: We meet in front of the school reception

(and we leave at 9:15am the latest, so be on time!)


At ca. 9:45 : We arrive at "Highest Point of Denmark"

Address: Ejer Bavnehøjvej, 8660 Skanderborg

Useful practical information (what to bring etc): Good shoes to “hike the mountain” :)



Lunch: Everyone brings their own Lunch!



At ca. 11:00 am : We drive towards Hamburg

Address: Goetheallee 11, 22765 Hamburg, Deutschland

Earliest possible CHECK IN is 15:00pm



At 16:00pm : We leave for the Recycling Plant Tour at 16:30pm

Address: Borsigstraße 6, 22113 Hamburg,Germany

Faciliator: Anita

Theme of the visit: Waste managment

Useful practical information: comfortable footwear (no heels) and it can be dusty so think also about appropriate clothing.


At 18:30 pm: We will drive back to our hotel


At ca. 20:00 pm : Dinner

Where and what? VAPIANO (Italian fast casual restaurant).

Lots of Gluten-free and vegan options too.

From our hotel it is only a 5 minute walk to the restaurant.


Evening arrangement

If the weather is nice we could take a walk to the big botanical garden ”Planten und Blomen”. It is only 2.5 km away from our hotel. Every evening, at 22:00pm the park shows a water fountain light show with music.

If anyone is interested in doing some workout, it could also be nice to go for a run there at some point during the trip :).



Wednesday May 31


At 06.30-09:45am: Breakfast


At 10:00am: We drive to the "Harbour City" - Osakaallee 9, 20457 Hamburg


At 11:00am – 13:00pm: We arrive at SustainabilityPavillon OSAKA9 and Mr. M.Sc. Marcel Bohnen is going to expect us. After an introduction, he will guide us through central and eastern parts of the HafenCity (HarbourCity). The focus will be on the sustainability concepts of the HafenCity.

The whole tour takes about 2 hours and will be held in English.


Facilitators: Annika


Materials to read:



At 13:00 -15:00pm: Lunch


What and where?: There are a lot of Cafes, Restaurants or Supermarkets in walking distance to choose from. We are also very close to an amazing coffee roast house called “Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei” right next to a lot of interesting Museums, if we have enough time :) You can also bring your own lunch or buy a lunch bag prepared by the hotel(Sandwich, Breakfast or Chocolate Bar, Fruit and one drink) for 34kr, but you should tell them some time in advance.


At 15:00pm: We drive to “Georgswerder Energy Hill”

Address: Fiskalische Straße 2, 21109 Hamburg


At ca.16:00pm – 17:30pm: We arrive at “Georgswerder Energy Hill”. Here a guide will give us a tour around.


Facilitators: Daniel


Theme of the visit: A former landfill which is now a prime example of renewable energy generation. The Georgswerder landfill site has been transformed into a renewable energy hill. It supplies around 4000 households with electricity using wind power and solar energy alone, and is being made accessible to the public as a view point.


Useful links regarding the place (materials to read):



At ca. 17:30 pm we will drive back to our hotel


Dinner and Evening arrangement





Thursday June 01


At 06.30-09.30: Breakfast


At 9:45am: We meet at the cars with our luggage & we leave the hotel because CHECK OUT is at 11am!


At 9:45am: We drive to the Exhibition “Food Revolution 5.0"

Address: Steintorplatz, 20099 Hamburg (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg)


At 10:15am: We arrive at "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg"


Theme of the visit:

Rethinking our methods of food production, packaging, distribution, consumption, and disposal. We will get a insight into how the future of human nutrition might look like in a society where unbridled growth is coupled with dwindling resources. The exhibition takes a critical look at the global food industry and the diverse visions designers, architects, and scientists are developing for the urgently needed changes. This complex subject will be described with four narrative threads that engage with the current discourse on food and eating: Farm, Market, Kitchen, and Table. These four lines of thought at the same time embody the food cycle from resource to production to processing to consumption.


At 12:00pm: Lunch

Bring your own lunch, order a lunch bag from our hotel or get something at the museums restaurant.


At ca. 13:30pm: We walk to GREENPEACE




At 13:30pm: We arrive at GREENPEACE

Address: Hongkongstraße 10, 20457 Hamburg

till ~14:30


Facilitators: Karina & Lucie

Theme of the visit:


Useful links regarding the place (materials to read):





At ca. 16:00pm we will drive back home :)